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Welcome to Riverside Spine & Physical Medicine

All your chiropractic needs can be addressed at Riverside Spine & Wellness Center. Our staff is warm, caring and dedicated to helping you discover pain relief and prevent future injuries. Our experienced Clarksville chiropractor, Dr. Allen, will work with you to determine the cause of your back pain or neck pain and determine a customized, non-invasive treatment plan to reduce or eliminate your pain.

Our chiropractor offers a range of effective treatments to provide relief from various ailments, including neck pain, back pain and headaches. You don't have to be the victim of a serious accident to benefit from the services offered at our clinic. Even minor injuries like slips and falls can cause pain. However, our chiropractic services, such as decompression, have been very effective in minimizing and eradicating body pain. If you live in Clarksville, Oak Grove, Dover, Hopkinsville or Erin, our center would be more than happy to help you with sciatica, neuropathy or other pain that you're facing.

Riverside Spine & Physical Medicine Pain Relief for Conditions like Fibromyalgia and Whiplash

From fibromyalgia pain to an auto injury, the opportunity to feel better and live a life without pain is available to you. Many people turn to chiropractic treatment as part of their overall healthcare plan after a vehicle collision or other accident. Whether it's a herniated disc, whiplash or other spinal problem, Dr. Allen is ready to examine you and prescribe an individually designed treatment plan that can improve the way you feel. No matter the cause of your pain - an auto injury, something that happened at work or another kind of personal injury, our center can provide you with real relief. There is no reason to struggle when there are medication-free and non-surgical options you can consider by talking to our chiropractor.

Riverside Spine & Physical Medicine Chiropractor Focuses on Health with Decompression and Other Treatments

Decompression is one of the treatments that our chiropractor can use to help minimize your level of pain and improve your mobility. Clinically proven to be effective for treating bulging, degenerating and herniated discs, spinal decompression is a new alternative to medication and surgery. As a chiropractor, Dr. Allen is devoted to improving the lives of his patients. If you're dealing with back pain, neck pain or another chronic and painful condition, coming to see us is the first step to feeling better.

Our Clarksville chiropractic clinic offers much more, however, including foot scan technology, electrical stimulation, lifestyle advice and exercise rehabilitation. Your back pain and neck pain can be a thing of the past with our help, and you can move forward with your life. Treating your pain can be part of an entire approach designed to getting well and enjoying a better quality of life.

We work hard for all of our Clarksville customers and look forward to helping you feel well again. At Riverside Spine & Wellness Center, we are members of the Better Business Bureau, & The March of Dimes. We also accept insurance from Cigna and Blue Cross/Blue Shield, so you know we are a trusted healthcare provider. Call us at 931-542-9420 today to schedule a visit and start your journey to a pain-free life.